The Glory of Blue Sapphire

September is the ninth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar with 30 days. It is derived from the Greek word ‘SEPTEM’ which means the Seven. It is also believed to be derived from Sanskrit word ‘SAPTAM’.
The month of September is of great significance for the Indians. This month is dedicated to Lord Shani who is considered to the Lord of Justice for any kind of deeds. In Indian mythology he is portrayed as a very heartless character. But in the truest sense, Lord Shani is an honest justice maker. He will never do injustice to anyone. He punishes those who do not believe in hard work and honesty. He is a perfectionist and expects the same from mankind.
September is the month in which Lord Shani is believed to have born. His skin color is dark with tinge of blue. This is the reason why the planet Saturn is also known as Shani Ghraha because of its bluish color. Taking into account the “The Blue Planet”, Sapphire is the ideal gemstone for the ‘ Lord of Justice’. Hence it is said to get over the eye of Lord Shani, it is prescribed to wear Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of the right hand.
Sapphire is a precious transparent gemstone which is rich in blue corundum. It is derived from Latin word Sapphirus which means blue. It is generally referred to the blue color and the different shade of blue. It is considered as the saturated color of blue from light to the brightest one available in the shade of blue. Sapphire known for its justice and commitment is considered to be the strongest and fastest acting planetary gemstone. This gemstone is known as Yakut in Persian language and is called as Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Sauri ratna (Saturn’s Stone) and Shanipriya (Loved by Shani) in India.
There are two types of Sapphires available :
One is called as Indraneel which is dark blue and possesses the color of the neck of a peakcock.
Jalneel: the boundaries of the gemstone is dark in color where as the center is comparatively light
This amazing blue colored gemstone has a great influence with both its positive and negative effects. Positive for those it suits and negative to which it does not.
Blue Sapphire is associated with strong beliefs, superstitions etc.. The gemstone, if suits the wearer, fulfills all the desires. It helps in restoring health and wealth. As this gemstone is related to duty and salvation it helps in making you a discipline and hardworking.
Blue Sapphire is a symbol of nobility, sincerity, faithfulness, truth and peace hence it helps in freeing you from depression, anxiety and diseases.
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