Lacerte Tax Software : Lacerte Tax solutions and QuickBooks integrated hosting and support

Lacerte is important Tax preparation software used by accounting professionals for preparing both individual as well as business tax preparation. But the more important thing about Lacerte is that it gives you a tool which helps more than just preparing tax returns. It helps you in tax preparation in less time with more accuracy as well as provides multiuser capability within your local network. But what is more it gives you the capability of handling more clients which directly impacts on the productivity of an accounting firm. While Lacerte individually helps you in tax preparation service, it has integration features with QuickBooks which makes it more usable for accounting firms as it helps to integrate end to end functions of the accounting firms.
We will now discuss how Lacerte Tax Software can be made more productive for the accounting firms by going in for a hosted application service provider. But before that the benefits that Lacerte tax software brings to you:
Some of the benefits of Lacerte are:
• Faster Input as the software is based on flat worksheet based design which allows one key access to all forms, attachments and quick input review features .Multi user facility within the network
• Error free returns preparation and flagging missing data.
• Summary of files and data for each client so that they can be put to better analysis of individual business.
• E- filing of returns
• Client specific solutions
These being the benefits of Lacerte tax solution , we should now analyze how, if hosted on a Terminal Server it can provide an accounting firm more flexibility as well increase their ability to add more clients. Hosted Lacerte tax software involves installation and running the software on terminal servers aided by application service provider back up as well as secures online access. Hosting enable you to access the Lacerte tax software from anytime any where through any online connection .This implies that you are in your office or home or anywhere, if you have online access you can work on the tax application. Besides giving you more flexibility to work, it also helps to collaborate with others in working on the same files though within their respective domains of access. This greatly helps the way you carry on your regular work as with Hosted Tax application you can opt for part time or even outsourced staff solutions .The impact is definitely positive on the cost of tax preparation per client. But more than that it helps you to add more clients so that you expand your business at a fast pace.
And some thing about QuickBooks Integration .QuickBooks accounting solution is very popular among accounting professionals .Lacerte tax has option for its integration with the QuickBooks accounting professional so that there is an end to end integration between the two software which helps to make the accounting business more profitable. If you are going for QuickBooks hosting there is nothing better than to get your Lacerte hosted as well. This will allow you to integrate Lacerte with not only Accountant editions but other editions as well. You also benefit in the following way:
1. Anytime any where access to your Tax software
2. Multiuser access not just within your internal network but from any online connection
3. Daily real time backup of all your files and data in multiple locations .You are relieved of the necessity of local backup .No cost on that part.
4.24/7 technical support and troubleshooting for any problem related to hosted tax software so that you do not have to provide for local maintenance team and incur cost on that part
5. Host any edition and version of the software or even various tax software together.
2. Best tax software: using Lacerte taxation software for better returns to your accounting business
Which is the best tax software to use? Accounting professionals have always pondered over this question. The choice of taxation software is a very important accounting decision. The selection of a taxation software could determine the business margins of your accounting profession. Using particular tax software can also decide whether you are able to e-file your clients tax returns or not. Hence we are always searching for tax software that is easy to handle, customized according to clients necessities and most important of all helps in error free preparation of tax.
Lacerte is one such tax software, which is now a day preferred by accounting professionals. And the popularity of this tax software is not without reasons. Lacerte has helped accounting professionals to prepare each individual tax return in less time, thus allowing the finance professional to increase their business by adding more clients .Lacerte has also allowed multiuser collaboration among many users which makes it possible for them to work on the respective part of the tax preparation process. Multi user access also becomes important as this leads to proper allocation of work between different users in a network so that all the work is divided into parts. Result is faster processing of tax returns as well as having expertise professionals to look into respective parts.
Lacerte has the feature of inconsistent data being flagged so that it leaves little room for errors in tax return filing. Not only that the tax software adds summary for each individual client so that there is a value addition in terms of providing better analysis of clients business through the tax returns data. Lacerte also comes with e-filing features and client specific customization solutions.
Though Lacerte is definitely advancement over the other tax preparation software, one thing that can revolutionize the tax preparation process is tax software hosting. Tax Hosting allow you to access all your files from anywhere any time .What is more, access to your tax solution is not limited by your local network as you can access the files from any online connection. This feature also adds a new dimension to the multiuser function of Lacerte tax software or in fact any other tax return preparation tool. Now the users can be spread over any place, but still all of them can work concurrently on the same file , though within their respective domains of access .The spinoff of this facility is that ,you have the flexibility a large part of your tax preparation process whenever you feel that you require more manpower for your increased clientele base.
Data security is an important aspect of any financial process .Local backup is always prone to accidental loss or threats from unauthorized access and washing away of your entire database. Hosted Lacerte provides the most viable solution for it. The application service provider backup all your files in real time in secured multiple locations. Also since the Terminal Servers are protected by latest firewalls as well as antivirus tools you do not have to worry about safety of your data.
And most important of all accounting professional get 24/7 technical support and troubleshooting for any problems arising with respect of the hosting process. Coupled with backup facilities, this saves your expenditure in maintenance of your IT infrastructure and investing in backup resources.
3. Lacerte Tax software: Deciding to host Lacerte Tax online or through a third party ASP
If there is any one recognizable feature or benefits of Cloud computing, then it has to be third party Application hosting. Application hosting is all about hosting your application software such as, say, Lacerte software, Proseries, Tax wise or Taxworks on terminal servers. Application hosting on terminal servers is different from online hosting .In online web hosting the licenses is provided by the service provider and you access all your application online and all the processing is done at your end ,that is your system. But third party application hosting is different .Here all your application is installed and run on terminal servers at the end of application service provider. The license for the software rests with the client.
The key difference that the technique of hosting can mean the way you access your application. In online web hosting since all your application is downloaded and run on your end, the access speed is obviously low. For accessing each module or parts of the application the change has to move to the application service provider servers and stored. This makes the whole process very slow and it thus negatively impacts on the utilization of your time.
On the other hand for third party hosting, since all application is installed and run on the terminal servers, you access the application just like a local desktop interface .The result is that you do not even realize that you are accessing the application online. Both online web hosting and third party hosting provides multi user capability with respect to the application access. Also there is difference in which the backup facility works. For web hosting you does not always get local back up facility while for Third party hosting you have the option of having all the backup or copies of your application.
Now we discuss the key benefits of having Lacerte, Proseries, Tax wise, or Taxworks hosted on a third party service provider. Lacerte tax software hosting enables you to access the application from anywhere any time in an always on manner. This implies that you time optimally whether you are at home or office. Also this implies that you can coordinate with your accounting staff more proactively as driven by the multiuser capability of the hosted Lacerte, you can allocate respective work to your staff. Multi user access can be helpful in increasing your productivity further as it is possible to divide your taxation work among various staff so that you get the ability to handle more clients and consequently bring more revenue to your business.
Backup facility is most important component of any accounting business. Third party hosting provides for real-time backup of all your data in most secured data centers as well as the provision of local backup of all your data at your end .With multiple backup the threats to your data is definitely nonexistent. The essential thing is to maximize benefits to your business by minimizing the hardware requirements at the users end and at the same time increasing your productivity.
Online Tax software: Innovative alternative to web based Tax software Hosting
If you are an accounting professional or a firm you must have carried a productivity analysis regarding the pros and cons of various tax software such as Lacerte, Proseries, Taxwise, Taxworks, Drake, Ultratax and others. Also you may be finding yourself more incline towards using various online tax preparation software which provides you the flexibility to work from anywhere any time. Every new tax software you use requires some new learning on your part. Web based tax preparation comes with additional doubts about data security, local backup options and speed of access as well as whether multiuser facility is available or not. It may also happen that your favorite tax software does not have the online tax preparation facility.
Lacerte is widely used tax software, though online tax preparation function is not available for this. Though you can get online billing enquiries. So the Question is, how to make this tax software accessible anytime anywhere as well as allow various users to collaborate. The important thing is to make the software always accessible, yet requiring no new learning on your part.
Third party application hosting brings with it innovative solutions for solving many of your problems regarding productivity, cost as well as minimization of IT infrastructure. Third party hosting service provider installs and run your licensed tax software on their Terminal servers. This means that a virtual copy of your tax software is run on the terminal servers and you access the application just like a local desktop interface .Result is that, the speed of access of various file is very high unlike web tax software hosting wherein you execute the downloaded version of the application. Each component to be executed is first downloaded and the any changes can be made. Consequently the speed of access is slow compared to terminal server hosted Tax software.
Tax Software preparation is a collaborative process. You may require the service of several of your staff For working on one or more components of the process. But there is the constraint that all of them have to interact face to face regarding updates or changes. Hosting tax software does away with this necessity. Since all the users can simultaneously access and make change to the application from anywhere as you can embark on the path of fruitful division of labor. Result is that, you can handle more clients as you are saving time in preparation of each tax return. Maintenance of IT infrastructure, specially backup facility is cost intensive process as well as require technical manpower not related to your core business. Hosted tax software comes with multiple backup and assured always on technical support and trouble shooting .This leads to reduction in your IT infrastructure investment.
I will further explain the third party hosting benefits with respect to Lacerte tax software. First, the collaborative part. Lacerte has client tracker facility through a workflow management system where in different users can collaborate for preparing tax returns .Application hosting liberalizes it from the space constraints and facilitates collaboration among staff from any place through online access.
Lacerte tax Software: Getting intuits’ Lacerte tax program Outsourced
Lacerte is rated the best software tax program by the AICPA since the time the tax software was launched .And this is not without reason. Lacerte, Intuit Inc. top rated tax software is preferred choice of a majority of accounting professional l and tax preparers. Tax preparation is a very meticulous process requiring the collaboration of a large number of users. Secondly, the tax preparation process is concentrated during few months only. This leads to recruitment of additional manpower, even fresher’s, during the rush times. But this leaves a large scope for mistakes in the tax preparation process.
In this discussion, we will see how Lacerte helps you better in the tax filing preparation and if there is a possibility of Lacerte tax Preparation outsourcing and consequently Tax software Hosting .The two topmost concerns in tax preparation process is, error prevention and effective collaboration among the staff engaged in the process. Lacerte Software helps accounting professionals in achieving both these objectives.
Lacerte software has inbuilt feature of flagging those entries, which are inconsistent with the overall data, thus, minimizing the scope for errors. This diagnostic feature in Lacerte is also augmented by the missing client data utilities which help you to easily search for missing data and thus is a great time saving function. Time saving function is further aided by the easy worksheet design with features of quick Input and one click access to various forms. Lacerte comes with excellent print functions and the accounting professional is able to preview the forms in exactly that form in which it is printed.
Collaboration is the key to quick tax return preparation and to this end Lacerte comes with multi user capabilities across your network for file sharing .Not only that you can also set uniform preferences such as invoice scheduling for the entire network. Lacerte tax software helps you to grow your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to have better insight into the overall data. The customized summary reports feature helps to add value to the whole tax return preparation process by giving valuable insight into the various data relating to the clients business. Besides this feature, Lacerte comes with inbuilt e-filing feature which helps you in preparing and automatically applying for e-filing of your returns. Intuit even has online feature where you can track your e-filing process. Further Lacerte Tax software can be integrated with Lacerte Document management system ,which makes it possible to retrieve client’s files electronically .Lacerte Tax software can also be integrated with Lacerte tax planner helping accounting firms in preparing customized strategies for customers to reduce their tax liabilities.
Though these features of Lacerte tax software prove to be very effective in increasing the productivity of accounting firms, i would suggest one or two things which will further multiply your efficiency as well as productivity. Your firm must be having a huge rush during the tax filing months, which are concentrated to a few months at most. Result is that, you have to outsource tax filing or preparation process. Alternatively you can opt for tax software hosting on a third part terminal servers.
The benefits are enormous which I will discuss next.
• Tax hosting allows any time anywhere access to all your tax files
• You get 24/7 always on support and troubleshooting for all your hosting related troubles.
• Multi user capability of Lacerte tax software is now extended from your limited network to any online connection. All users from any online connection can access and work on their respective files and you can see what they are doing, from anywhere. This makes easy to monitor outsourced or newly recruited manpower.
• Accounting firms get back up of all their files in multiple locations saved in real time. Your data is thus more secure. Outsourced Tax preparation: Benefitting more from Lacerte tax software
Tax outsourcing is the most common thing resorted to by the accounting firms during the peak tax season .The increased level of work accruing to the firm also witnesses frenzied looking on for part time workers who help it in completion of the work within the stipulated time .The option with accounting firms is to either outsource the tax preparation process itself or alternatively to outsource only a part of the work to other accounting professionals.
The entire process of tax preparation outsourcing is all about the handling of more clients by the accounting firms and consequently greater profit margins The tax preparation process is further made more efficient by the presence of large number of tax software such as Lacerte ,Proseries ,Ultratax ,Taxwise ,Taxworks and Drake. Each tax software has its strong points as well as some deficiencies. The reference for measuring efficiency of any tax program these days is ease of inputs, indication of errors, multiuser facility and inbuilt e- filing feature. Here I will discuss a more profitable alternative to tax preparation outsourcing which do not involves disclosing any of our data to any other agency and end result is more productive on the part of Accounting firms .This is Tax software hosting ,wherein you host your Tax software on the servers of an application service provider. In tax software hosting the tax software is installed and run on the service provider terminal servers and you access the application through any online connection.
The benefits are not hard to find. Suppose you are using Lacerte tax software for tax return preparation. Getting it hosted on an application service provider would allow you as well as your user group to access the tax software from anytime anywhere .Now to discuss the real impact of Tax Hosting .Since all your group gets anywhere access to all the files on which they can work upon, the accounting firm now can hire additional part time experts to get increased work done .Thus instead of going for complete tax preparation outsourcing ,accounting firms can opt for tax software hosting. This way they will be able to retain all functionalities associated with the tax software they are using till now and at the same time increase productivity from the same tax software .I will explain through the widely used Lacerte from Intuit Inc.
Lacerte must be commended for the simplicity and efficiency which this tax software has brought to the tax preparation domain. The tax software has features such as Worksheet
Design for quick entries, and easy navigation of forms .This feature is further aided by the diagnostic help tool such as flagging of incorrect entries and missing client data utilities. Lacerte tax also contains in-depth form sets and calculations for filing of both individual and business returns. Lacerte also provides for preparation of summary reports of customers tax data helping the client to get insight into the fuller picture of their business. But the most important feature of Lacerte Tax software is the inbuilt e-filing feature. You can also track the status of your return through the Lacerte online access.
I would like to discus two other features that is offered by Lacerte .One is Lacerte Document Management system and other is Lacerte Tax planner. Lacerte Document management allows the firm to store and access the clients’ data electronically. The Lacerte Tax Planner on the other hand helps the firm to prepare customized strategies for each Individual client to decrease their tax liabilities.
Tax Hosting can help you maximizing your gains from these features of Lacerte Tax Software .The most essential thing to remember is that tax hosting liberalizes you from the constraint of working within office premises and hence broadens your resource horizon .You can recruit resource from any place and have the ability to manage them in the most effective way, in real time .
And most importantly tax software Hosting make it easy to integrate Lacerte with other programs such as Lacerte Document management systems and Lacerte tax planner. The hosted versions of both these programs would help you in actively involving your clients , from anywhere.Laceret can also be integrated with Intuits QuickBooks .So instead of outsourcing various accounting software in bits you can yourself manage all of them much easily ,With the ability to add more clients , if you are going for tax software hosting.
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