A comparison between Online and Offline Project Management

Online Project Management has become quite popular these days and one can find various training programs and online project management certification which offer online project management programs at the click of a mouse. Planning is the backbone of any activity and good planning is half the battle won. Project Management tools have come handy for today’s techno friendly managers who can manage a large number of assignments and can keep an eye on quite a large number of employees with these tools.
Online Project Management is being implemented in almost all sectors although initially it was limited to a small number of sectors that found utility for the same. Several organizations have taken up project management in a big way but they work in a rather static platform that is offline mode.
The main benefits of an Online Project system over a offline project management system are immense. Offline Project management systems can only be accessed within the companies’ intranet or by a single person who is in command of the project. Thus to update this system one has to be either located in the same building or has to give his request to the system administrator who in turn will update the database. This may lead to a time gap between the work completed and their updating on the system.
Online systems can be updated anytime without any intervention from any special department or a particular person. Whatever work a particular person is doing can be updated at anytime of the day form any location. The Top management can have a look at the progress of a particular project at anytime. As daily updation is done the effects and the cost effectiveness along with the progress of a particular project can be deciphered on a daily basis.
The data can be stored and converted into any form at very short notice. Training of employees can be undertaken live on the project management system. Addition of new people who want to work and deletion of older ones who will be leaving the project midway can be done with ease and without hampering the progress of the project.
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