Fundamental purpose of recruitment agencies is to provide good opportunities for fresh candidates.

This paper provides information on how the recruitment agencies can be helpful for job seekers and fresh candidates by working with them to find the most suitable placement for them.
This can never be denied — The current Global Financial Crisis is now taking its toll among fresh College Graduates through increased challenges in searching and landing jobs that suit their skills. This trend is common amongst almost all countries.
Fresh graduates face significant challenges in finding a job since they don’t have any experience. There are numerous problems which they face.
Too many questions, so much to worry about in so little time, the solution to these problems presents in shape of a Recruitment Agency. Online recruitment agencies have made it a lot easier for fresh candidates to find the ideal job, as well as for companies to attract highly qualified prospective candidates to their job openings. There are a number of advantages to using the services of a recruitment agency for fresh candidates. It is obvious how job seekers can benefit from using a specialized recruitment agency. Access to more job openings, as well as less time and effort to find prospective employment are notable benefits.
In this ever changing, time shortened and with a cut throat competition era Employers are now outsourcing all the recruitment work to Recruitment Agencies.
Everyday people been fired from the day job, employee changing their firms, human resource department looking out for trust worthy and efficient workers. These all leads to the rise of recruitment agencies
A Recruitment Agency have 3 main entities to operate with, Clients, Jobs and Applicants.
Clients are the Employers, Employers have the jobs and Applicants are to fill the vacant jobs.
Recruitment Agency uses Recruitment Software for its operations. Recruitment softwares consist of a Job Board (web recruitment system) to advertise the jobs and Applicant Tracking Systems to get feedback also know as Recruitment Software to have the data of applicants, Employers and Jobs. The software is also used for Matching Applicants to Jobs and vice versa, posting of CVs, arranging interviews and essential follow-ups.
The need is to encourage fresh students to talk to Professionals and sort their problems out rather to get depressed.

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