Thanks to advancement in technology and overall shift on how people want to use renewable energy, many people are switching to solar power. It has many benefits — it can reduce your electricity bill in the long run and it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

But some people are still hesitant, mainly because of what they think is solar power’s prohibitive price.

Converting to solar power is not prohibitive. But it can be costly. That’s why you need to find the Best solar company option that can give you the best quotes to turn your house into a solar-powered home. Here are some handy tips:

Know what solar panel you will get. A big chunk of your cost when you turn your home into a solar-powered one is courtesy of the solar panel. This is the apparatus that you will normally mount on your house’s roof and will convert sunlight into usable energy.

It’s best to know the cost and benefits of a solar panel, especially since you will have to choose. The three types are the monocrystalline solar panel, the polycrystalline solar panel, and the thin film solar panel. Generally, monocrystalline panels are the most efficient, but they are also the most expensive; thin films are affordable but the least efficient among the three. The three, though, have specific advantages, so it’s best to know what type of panel fits your needs in order for it to be cost effective.

Product warranty. The best solar company option should be able to give you a good warranty for your home solar power system. Normally, the warranty for solar panels is more or less 25 years (the amount of time it is expected for the system to have paid for itself). In addition to this, make sure your installer is up to industry standard and certified by an engineer in your location. The solar company should also be able to get the necessary papers indeed for the installation (a permit is required in order for a homeowner to business owner to install a solar system).

There’s a 30 percent tax credit. When you get quotes from the best solar company option, do not forget that the government offers a 30 percent tax rebate or credit on your solar system installation cost. Be sure to consider this when checking out prices. Take note, too, that the tax credit is only available for solar system purchases; there is no tax credit for people who will lease solar systems for their homes and businesses.

Gather quotes. Don’t stick with one contractor; get as many quotes so you can find the best solar company option. It’s a good idea to get at least three quotes so you can have a general idea of the cost as well as the service that’s usually included when you install a solar power system in your home. It’s important to not make a rash decision and to check out all the factors involved in the process — from the cost, to the specific materials that will be used, to the warranty, and the duration of the installation.

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