Created for 2.1 amplifier program, the TPA3116 NE5532 3-Channel Bass Amplifier Circuit Board offers a complete quality for amplifier shape and fix. Using three entire brand-new TPA3116 integrated chips, it offers solid power toward produce astonishingly great smooth high pitch in addition to ultra-rich bass. Temporarily, this modern group board is designed with MP3 decoder board audio input in addition to DC voltage creation for power supply. Furthermore, it really is easy toward install without the requisite of circuit welding.

Power amplifier comprise subwoofer as well as treble control, power voltage 12 -15 Volt, you can use AC Current Voltage plus DC Current Voltage, so you ould use battery 12V to function this power amplifier.

Test Instruments Subwoofer promoter circuit is used to improving or boosting or upsurge the subwoofer amplifier, however it also can increase the excellence of the bass sound on an amplifier otherwise High Power Amplifier. Subwoofer booster circuit or bass enhancer circuit founded on the IC 4558 and TL074 or usually known as IC op-amp, it’s appropriate to be a increasing in subwoofer system, which in cooperation with some constituents.
For this subwoofer booster or enhancer circuit using voltage of 12 V +, 12V -, and also ground. To be in agreement by the power of the speakers plus amplifiers, the Subwoofer booster circuit or subwoofer enhancer is usually moreover furnished with a subwoofer size establishing on the R9 and R12 usage 20 K ohm trim. Issued a circuit of subwoofer production is fairly high, making it appropriate for some speakers.

This circuit is distinctive of systems sold for 2.1 PC edging systems, left plus right channel and subwoofer. Fairly plugging in the stereo audio in addition to adjust the volume
Audio amplifier circuit using incorporated TPA3116 NE5532 and op amp Ne5532, has two stereo amplifier left plus right satellite and also Bass amplifier using TPA3116 in bridge for additional power. The filter is prepared by dual operational amplifier Ne5532. Whole assembly with the proposition of the printed circuit board plus has a power supply joined to the circuit.

This circuit is a remake of additional already posted on the Blog, however with several changes, usages two TDA ic’s in bridge toward the subwoofer amp, by a new board design through some enhancements. The idea is that toward achieve extreme 18Watts satellites as well as the outputs 32 watts in Subwoofer … This power by a maximum of + -18 Volts Speakers plus 4O. The circuit has adaptable volume for the stereo plus subwoofer. Use pots of good excellence to create this work.

By creating the assembly check almost all links and all constituents are properly positioned, and the orientation of the pcb, be attached inverted not perceived it work, the constituents have to be located as illustrated above. While mounting make certain that the pin 7812 is diverse from 7912. Usage a good warmth sink toward the TDA IC’s.
The power supply is by now fixed in the PCB plus only add the transformer, to be by center tap on the secondary plus primary as said by the network (110/220). The capacitors could be supply of the 4.700µF on 10.000µF, the resistors are in equivalent to discharge these capacitors Excessive. Always use good excellence constituents in its assembly.


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