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Getting European truck parts in Australia is not exactly the cup of tea it should be. Buying from the manufacturer is expensive and time-consuming, especially since you may have to wait for imports from head office in Europe.

Aftermarket parts are a safer bet, but it’s difficult knowing which vendors deal in authentic parts. There are many unscrupulous vendors who will try to pass off non-genuine parts for the real thing, which might end up ruining your truck.

Finding a genuine, reliable, affordable source for bus and truck parts can be challenging. One way to make things easier is to use a checklist of some sort before you order from the store. Here are a few things that can help you make the right choice:

1.      Good reviews 

Reviews are a great way of finding out how the store performs, and how it handles customers. They display buyers’ experiences, especially with regard to the quality of the parts sold by the store. If the store’s previous customers have negative reviews about the parts they bought from the store, it’s a good indicator that they are not to be trusted. Quality stores will have good reviews and their previous customers will have nice things to say about their parts.

2.      Wide variety 

When a store has a large variety, it speaks to their ability as an entity. There is also more for you to choose from and you can get most, if not all the spares you need in one place. Varied stocks also increase the store’s ability to offer discounts on large purchases. It shows that they have a good network, and might even get you a custom order if they don’t have the part you’re looking for. Shopping in such as store is likely to offer you a better shopping experience.

Multispares Truck Parts

3.      Customer service

Customer service tells you more about a parts supplier than anything else. It tells you the philosophy of the shop, and the kind of people you are dealing with. After all, if they take the time to be cordial with their customers, they are probably just as conscientious in sourcing truck parts. Their customer care policy shows how much attention they pay to the ‘little things’ like minimising downtime, customer savings, and offering a personal touch. They should also have a consistent hotline. If a parts supplier has bad customer care, most of their other services will be terrible as well.

4.      Website presence

When sourcing parts for your European vehicle, web presence is essential. The store has to have a website where you can browse through their catalogue with ease. This catalogue should be regularly updated to reflect new additions as soon as they arrive. It also helps if the website has an e-commerce platform where you can place purchases and set a delivery location. The online store should be optimised to accept various methods of payment, preferably via secure merchant processors.

5.       Multiple locations

Australia is a massive place, and truck routes span all its corners and stretches. If you are a truck owner, your truck parts supplier should have an equally massive distribution network that goes all over the country and beyond. This makes it easier to connect with their truck reps, no matter where you’re driving. Having access to multiple store locations allows you to inspect parts in person before you commit to the purchase. It also means that if you need an emergency replacement, you can find one right where you are. The collection and delivery process becomes easier as well. The more national outlets your parts supplier has, the better.

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