Road trips are a huge part of the American Dream and a staple of freedom going back to the 1950s. Rev up your engine and hit the road with your friends to enjoy a summer of sight seeing and discovery. This little vacation has been written into a series of books and films giving it a slice of pop culture importance. If you want to enjoy the long road trip enjoyed by many before you be sure to get your car into the proper shape it needs to be in to tame the open road. Here are tips to getting your car ready before a road trip.

Before you go on a journey to certain places you always go to the doctor to get the shots required to travel out of country. Think of a road trip as you car traveling outside of the country and it needs its shots to survive. When your car heads out for long hours and it spends more time on the road than off you car needs to be prepared for the trip. Schedule a checkup for your vehicle and put that as the priority on the top of the list. Have them check wipers and fluid levels. Schedule any necessary service including oil changes and tune ups. While at the shop have your car’s brakes checked. The wear and tear on them could be dangerous and the more you drive the more likely they are to need replacing.

Before your epic journey begins charge your car’s battery. Make sure it is strong and clean enough. If it is not clean use baking soda and water to clean it up. You don’t want your road trip ruined because your battery isn’t charged and your car won’t start.

Tires have a rough job. They keep your car going and they are constantly moving or pressed up against rough concrete. During their difficult times along for daily rides they may have gained a few tears. Before you head out on your adventure inspect your tires for tears and bulges in the rubber. Your tires should have a nice amount of tread left. If they do not it is time to change your tires.

Be prepared for you trip. Get all the supplies you need to be safe in your car during the trip or in case of an emergency. Stock up on everything you need and create an emergency kit. This includes any basic tools you need that could help you if the car was to break down. Even with every precaution taken something may still happen that will cause a tire to bust or your engine to die. It is best to be prepared for anything.

Before heading out do research and plan out your trip. Use a GPS to navigate and find rest stops and gas stations. Staying prepared and ready for what is in front of you will help you remain calm in the face of unexpected things. Knowledge doesn’t take away the adventure of a road trip it just makes the road trip more safe for yourself and your fellow passengers.

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