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Jerking of car can be a strong sign of potential car parts problem. So, it is very important to diagnose the issue with the help of trusted mechanic and replace car body parts online in time to avoid any heavy damage.

There can be problems with car’s engine, exhaust system and fuel system. Know the possible causes of jerking here and save your hard earned cash on repairs and mechanical labour.

‘Check engine light’ comes on

Sometimes for optimal performance of car’s engine parts and to increase its power output, engine tuning is very important step. Take your car to a professional for engine tuning in case it is advised after thorough checking.

Blockage in the engine can create trouble to your car and the car will continue to jerk because the gases are not getting released out of it appropriately. This problem is always signalled by check engine light of your dashboard.

So, never ignore it and take your car immediately for inspection and removal of blockage if found!

Dirty fuel filter

It is very important to replace clogged or dirty fuel filter to get economical performance out of your car. It is the easiest thing to check. A dirty fuel filter will cause insufficient fuel supply to car’s engine causing in jerks while accelerating.

You can also clean the dirty fuel filter. After cleaning if the problem persists. If it does, then you need to check other car parts.

Faulty fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are considered dirty when hydrocarbons and additives together with engine gunk and carbon cause the injector to perform poorly.

Fuel injector system also gets clogged with time which would restrict the movement of fuel in car’s engine. They will not only cause jerking but will also lead to engine misfiring if not treated.

Clean the area of fuel injectors using cleaning kits which are easily available on any auto parts store or take help from a professional.

Bad spark plugs

Dirt is the enemy of car in every possible way. Even dirt on spark plugs can cause jerking. The engine will start making more noise when starting the car in the morning.

In this case, it is better to replace spark plugs.

For proper functioning, it is very important for the spark plugs to be neat and clean. Dirty spark plugs can make you experience severe jerking and even there could be some grave problem with auto parts on worst note.

Don’t waste any time in taking your beloved car to your mechanic!


You must be wondering how misalignment can cause jerking of car? Incorrect wheel alignment can cause a host of driveability and premature wear problems.

By any chance if your car has suffered an accident in the past, there is a chance that you will need to check the alignment of your car and you might to align it again.

Moisture in distributor cap

Sometimes, weather can also create problem especially winter weather. In cold regions, when you park your car outside, the distributor cap can accumulate moisture, which results in engine to perform poorly and become imbalanced.

This eventually leads to car jerking and you can even experience engine misfiring. It is not wise to park your car in cold area or park especially if you are staying in an extreme cold region. Choose a warm place to park your vehicle and avoid certain car engine problems because engine parts are expensive to repair if damaged.

Damaged catalytic converter

Don’t curse your luck if you have catalytic converter to replace! Replacing catalytic converter is just like buying gold. Catalytic converter reduces emissions and pollutions out of car’s exhaust into the environment.

It is filled with catalyst which is a mixture of platinum and palladium that converts harmful compounds into less harmful gases.

Catalytic converter is built into vehicle’s exhaust system, and as a result can directly affect the performance of the engine if it develops any problem.

If the fuel mixture is too rich, it can cause the catalytic converter to clog. Clogged catalytic converter won’t be able to eject the gases properly causing jerks.

Catalytic converters are quite expensive, so it is very pivotal to maintain and inspect them regularly.

Drained acceleration cable

Worn out acceleration cable can also result in jerking of your car. Is your car not responding when you press the accelerator pedal? Are you feeling jerks when starting the car?

Regularly check the acceleration cable and replace it and other related components when needed. Check its position, whether acceleration cable needs adjustment or not!

Motor winding

The wear out of motor winding can also make the car jerks. Check the winding of motor using ohmmeter.

Stressed out engine often leads to motor winding mode and the engine would start to wind resulting in jerking of the vehicle while driving or even when starting.

If the car winds only once, your car won’t start at all. Take your car to a professional mechanic and solve this issue immediately.

If the car has more than one winding and one of them is broken, car will jerk as a result. Don’t put stress on your car’s engine. Keep changing its oil when needed and keep it properly lubricated.

Whatever your car’s model is, you must maintain its top performance and condition by using only heavy-duty and reliable Car parts and accessories from one of the best suppliers of Car parts- Parts Avatar Auto Replacement Parts.

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