There are many reasons why you should have car insurance; the most important being, it’s the law. In almost every country, it is a legal requirement. Failing to ensure you have the correct insurance cover may result in you receiving a large fine or possible prosecution. Repeat offenders could have their driving licence revoked and may even serve time in prison for the offence.

Your car is an important asset

For many people, a vehicle is the second-most-expensive purchase they’ll make in their lives, next to the purchase of a home. Today, vehicles are crucial to everyday living, both for work and family life. They can also be an expensive asset. Therefore, ensuring you have the correct car insurance is really important too.

When you purchase a vehicle, perhaps on credit, the lender will expect to receive the agreed monthly payments. Should you have an accident in the car and not have the appropriate insurance cover, you’ll still be expected to pay the lender each month. Financially this could potentially cause you a real headache.

The right car Insurance

If you are someone who relies on their vehicle for work purposes, you will appreciate the impact not having a vehicle readily available could cause to you should you have an accident. Ensure you have the correct car insurance and the right company also, like Hammer Insurance Company for example and you’ll be able to minimise the disruption a car accident may have on you and your work life.

Another important reason why you should have car insurance is because of the cost of damages. This is one of the key reasons everyone should have insurance. Medical costs for both parties involved in an accident are normally covered by a policy.

Car insurance often also provides legal protection

Being involved in a car accident is bad enough without all the legal issues too. Having the correct insurance cover means you can pass that aspect over to the professionals and sleep better at night.

The right car insurance will also cover you for natural disasters, such as a mudslide, hurricane, or earthquake. If your car is completely written off by a natural disaster you’ll be without a vehicle and this could have a huge impact on you financially.

Car insurance can also be critical if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized

This is why it’s important to mention where your car is parked over night as this could have an impact on your insurance quote and future claims.

Simply knowing that you have the correct insurance cover will provide you with complete peace of mind, which will in turn make you happier.

For many people, a car is their pride and joy

You save for months to buy the car of your dreams. Therefore, it makes sense that you’d then ensure it is adequately covered should you have an accident. When you purchase car insurance, you will have two insurance policy options.

1) Third Party Motor Insurance – This is mandatory for legal reasons. This cover ensures that any third party involved in an accident is taken care of when it comes to vehicle repairs and medical care.

2) Comprehensive Motor Insurance – As the name suggests, this policy covers any accidental loss or harm to you and your vehicle, as well as the third party. It also includes cover for extras such as windscreen repair.

You are entitled to choose Third Party Cover or Comprehensive Cover. However, there are some distinct advantages to taking out the later. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. You’re covered against natural disasters

With unpredictable weather becoming a common occurrence nowadays, it would be wise to have a comprehensive car insurance policy. Take the Florida hurricanes for example, a few hours of rainfall and the whole state was flooded. Any cars would have been severely damaged by the water.

It’s when a natural disaster like this, takes place that you’d be grateful for the extra cover so you’re able to make a claim.

  1. You’re covered against man-made disasters

Aside from unpredictable weather, a comprehensive car insurance policy also covers your car against man-made disasters too, such as burglary or theft, malicious acts and terrorist activities.

  1. The third party is covered

By default, a comprehensive policy by Hammer Insurance Company, covers the destruction done by the insured to the other party.

  1. Excellent Add-Ons and Additional Covers

When you have comprehensive cover, you can take advantage of lots of additional benefits too. It may increase your premium a little but the additional perks will be worth the extra pennies.  Extra add-ons include:

Depreciation Waiver Cover, Windshield Goblet Cover, Complete Cover for Electric powered, Electronic digital, Non-electrical Fittings in the vehicle.

Purchase cover from Hammer Insurance Rancho Cucamonga and you’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll also receive a fantastic deal which includes plenty of extra benefits.

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