When your car is overdue for a service but you are too busy or short on cash, sometimes you may choose to let the vehicle run for a few hundred miles before bringing it in the repair shop. However, you should know that it is in your best interest to get your vehicle an oil change as soon as it’s time. If you wish to keep the performance of your car at an optimal level and extend the life of the engine, don’t wait to take your car in!

  1. Boosts your safety
    One of the primary reasons for having your car serviced is to ensure that it is safe for driving. Getting a regular oil change is vital, and during that time the mechanics should also perform a routine check to make sure there are no other underlying issues that may arise while you drive. This includes checking the brakes, your air and cabin filters, and the air pressure in your tires. If they discover an issue that needs immediate attention, you will be glad you took your vehicle in for servicing rather than continuing to drive a potentially dangerous car.
  2. Maintains the value of your vehicle
    There is a noticeable difference between a well-maintained car and one that appears neglected. If you plan on using the car’s trade-in value sometime in your future when purchasing a new car, how well you took care if it, not just aesthetically, will be taken into consideration. If you have taken good care of the car, it will have a high market value and you’ll get a better trade-in value rather than just scrap parts.
  3. Lowers your running costs
    Any experienced motorist can appreciate the value of car maintenance. They understand that if problems are diagnosed and rectified on time, it can save a lot of money, time, and most importantly, stress! Getting your vehicle regularly serviced means you won’t be running it down like so many other motorists do. Running on low fuel, running on tires with little to no treading, running with no coolant – these are things that can and will increase the amount of money you put into your car over time.

Finding a mechanic that will take care of you and your car is a daunting task, especially if you are one of the millions of car owners who feels intimidated by all the engineering complexity under the hood. After all, how can you know if you really need new spark plugs when you don’t even know what spark plugs do?

With that in mind, how do you find quality technicians? You can always start with trusted sources, like friends and family, but there are a few additional options as well:

Check out review sites like Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau
These organizations are in the business of reviewing other businesses. So if you want a tried and true analysis of an auto repair shop’saptitude and customer service skill, you can’t go wrong with sites like Angie’s List or the BBB. You can also view previous customer’s reviews to gain a sense of how trusted, friendly, and efficient the mechanic is that you’re considering.

Check for automotive certifications
There are a number of different associations that certify mechanics and mechanic shops for service and quality. One of the most recognized, and most respected certifications is the Automotive Service Excellence award. So if you see the “ASE” logo on an auto shop’s website, then you can rest assured the mechanics are knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated to providing you with professional auto repair and maintenance.

Electric car repair – Visit the shop and assess before bringing your car in.
You wouldn’t buy a house without seeing it first, or consent to a surgery without reviewing all your options beforehand, and you don’t have to take your car to a mechanic without stopping by to visit first. So don’t hesitate to drop in, chat with the mechanics, and get a better sense of how things operate before making a commitment.

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